We can do a great job for you, but we don’t want to do a great job. We want to do an outstanding shout-out-loud job. We want to help you reach your ambitions, professionally and personally. And we know that ambition is all about building, producing, contributing and venturing. We thrive on production, not consumption.

The sweat and grit of bringing something to market, of the endless grind, of the dips and dives – we believe that we have to live that life to do our greatest work. We are all about building companies, and founding AlphaPunk is our testimony to that calling. But that’s not enough. We need to push ourselves to the limit of entrepreneurial effort – we owe it to ourselves, our families and you, our clients.

AlphaPunk Ventures

Our founders have never applied for a job, or worked a regular “job” since their first jobs after graduating. Indeed, Chris dropped out from his degree to pursue his passion for “New Media” and Paul dropped out of his well-funded and beloved PhD research to pursue his first start-up.

In our ventures work, we do two things:

  1. Help start-ups to reach escape velocity
  2. Build or incubate our own products

How? By investment. We invest either money, time or expertise in helping to build ventures out of raw ideas, ambition and talent.

Whilst a few will benefit directly from investment in their projects, all of our clients will benefit from the passion, insights and zeal that AlphaPunk brings to the gig every day.

Our Punk Ventures Innovation Fund is used to co-invest in shared risk projects. We can offset the costs of services or product development with a client where there is a shared innovation vision and outcome.

Some of the ventures we are helping to build are: Hyphen, HashBangTV and