App videos are essential – get yours now

App videos rock and rule!

Spiffy appreneurs, entrepreneurs and app-savvy developers are getting wise about app videos.

Do you have an app video yet? If not, you really should.

“I’ve spent ages on this amazing app – why isn’t anyone noticing it?” – App optimist.

After oodles of love poured into your app, you are probably having a few kittens trying to get it noticed above the noise of the app store. Right?

Does your app offer a unique and spiffy UX, yet you’re frustrated that not enough peeps are seeing it?

It doesn’t surprise us.

Our research shows that most app-store developers spend 99.99% of their time on the “tech” stuff and do very little, often zilch, to get their app noticed. That’s totally un-spiffy!

Sure, developers will throw out a few hopeful tweets, publish a blog post and a put up a landing page (often with almost zero SEO tuning), but then mostly rely on blind luck, praying for an Apple pick.

Successful marketing of apps requires many components, all of which AlphaPunk can help with. App marketing requires planning before the app development begins. There are many things a developer can do to improve his or her chances of success, but app videos are become increasingly key for success.

“It’s a fact. Videos are easier to discover than apps.  – Chris G (Chief Alpha Punk)

We’ve all seen how start-ups like FiftyThree managed to drive a lot of their downloads for Paper by first creating an app video that went viral on Vimeo. No surprise when you consider that one of the team is a film enthusiast.

What’s your app video plan?

Bardowl audiobooks app screenshotIn the spirit of our “Think, Try, Tune, Deliver” ethos, our legendary chiefs are keen to try out different ideas for marketing apps using app videos.

Currently we’re working with the exciting audio-books start-up Bardowl (in Bath, UK) on a short film that will entice users to download the amazing Bardowl app, which is like a “Spotify” for audiobooks.

“The video is super-frikkin awesome” – Chris B, CEO, Bardowl

We’re looking for ambitious and energetic companies, agencies or developers who want to experiment with video marketing of their app. Currently, we can part-fund the development of any innovative app videos from our Punk Ventures Fund.

If you’re interested, then please fill out this short form and we’re be in touch.