Media Production

Bringing Digital Stories to Life

We’re in love with ideas; building them, cultivating them, and then watching them come to life in gorgeous moving pictures (see a sample of our work here).

Nothing makes us more jump-for-joy crazy than the chance to tell a story – your story – in flickering multicolour. Our film and animation craft is all about explanation, especially of otherwise complex concepts, products, processes and ideas.

We don’t “churn” films by simply turning a creative handle – cha-ching! We make each frame count as if it’s our only chance to make a masterpiece.

We can shoot events, fireside chats, interviews, documentaries or product videos in any format or style. Or we can create stunning animations, graphical sequences or motion art for a range of purposes, from event presentations to Web and mobile marketing.

AlphaPunk Storyboarding

Concept Approach

Here’s what we do:

  • Absorb your product, idea and passion until we “own it” – we want to fall in love with your theme.
  • Sip tea and gently wait for the inspiration to brew until the story reveals itself.
  • Craft your story into a concise script, making each word count.
  • Pitch to you the script and our concept for bringing it to life

Production Approach

Lights, camera, action! Once the script is signed off and the budget agreed, we move into the production phase, utilising all or some of the following steps:

  • Use one of the best corporate film and sound crews in the business to shoot in HD
  • If required, use some of the best commercial-TV animators and motion artists
  • Hand-select audio in any genre from one of the richest sound libraries available
  • Audition and hire the best voice-over artists from around the world (in any language, dialect, tone or mode required)
  • Edit the final piece using the latest editing software and techniques
  • Prepare and encode the piece for final delivery format: HD, Web, mobile, YouTube, Vimeo, and any format required.


Our crew is the best in the industry and has worked with a stunning range of corporate clients: B&Q, O2, McLaren Applied Technologies, Xerox, Sony, Nikon, Kingfisher, SAAB, Motorola, Virgin Holidays, Hugo Boss, BBC, C4, and MTV, with airings across the globe, including CNN and NBC News.


Our standard workflow is broadcasts quality HD (Sony XDCAM) for the highest definition and sharpest production quality possible. For cinematic feel and more dynamic tone, we shoot using prime lens rigs, such as Panasonic 101 or Red. Our edit suite is state-of-the-art and we have decades of digital editing experience between us.

Panasonic 101 video camera