Design Ethos

We’re working on an animation to show our TTTD ethos in action, but meanwhile here’s a graphical summary:

Think, Try, Tune, Deliver graphic

The circle shows our love for an iterative approach that focuses on trying and testing ideas as the best means of tuning not only the original concept, but the final deliverable.

We are still fans of thorough analysis and deep thinking where it adds value. Let’s say that we don’t only throw spaghetti at the walls to see what sticks!

The think-try-tune-deliver mantra was originally think-try-fail-tune-deliver, but we modified it because of sensibilities about the word “fail,” more in our UK audience than our US one.

Any experienced innovator will know that failure is a necessary corrective factor in bringing creative ideas to life.

Our founders have practised “Design Thinking” for the last two decades. Anyone with a similar background will be immediately familiar with our TTTD ethos, as it resonates with various “design-led methodologies” used throughout industry.

We aren’t overly religious about the approach. We keep an open mind.