We design digital products, services and interfaces, with particular expertise in mobile and multi-platform experiences.

We offer two broad categories of design service:

Product design – turning your ideas into a real product: what it does, how it does it, what it behaves like and what it looks like. For example, you come to us and say: “We need an app to sell real estate.” We turn that intent into a complete design for a product or service. You can then take that design and build it yourself, take it to an IT company to build, or work with one of our IT partners to deliver a complete solution.

Visual design and branding – you already have a product or service, but it needs a compelling visual interface – the so-called “look and feel.” This might be a website re-skin, or a new GUI for a desktop product. We conceptualize the visuals, prototype them and then produce the assets needed to add the right visual theme to your product.

Good design does not equal stunning graphics.

Sure, we can wrap your wares in shine and adorn with lick-able icons, but effective design is about including (and excluding) the right features and behaviors to achieve the best possible outcomes for your users. Understanding what those outcomes should be is often far from obvious.

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We use what we call Whole Product Design to ensure that your product or service has the best chance of success. We’re good at this because we often get involved with product strategy.

“We’ve been chanting the mantra of whole product design and user experience for the past 15 years, way before it became cool on slideshare.” – Paul Golding.

Many of our clients are in the technology and software sector, where we speak their lingo. We often find that technologists have a hard time in separating the signal from the noise in product intent and design.

Our preference is to form long-term relationships with our clients and become “friends of the family,” working closely and getting to know each other. We love what we do and treat each creative venture, each piece of work, as if it’s our own. Without equal love and respect from the client, we just don’t get that buzzed about putting our love into every pixel. Without oodles of talent and love, your creative intentions will suffer.

We strive to produce “cross platform” designs that will scale visually across web, mobile, video and even print (i.e. merchandise in particular). Developing “scalable” design hooks and motifs excites us.

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