In addition to AlphaPunk’s deep expertise in mobile product and service design, our founders have been working directly in the mobile industry for over two decades. As far back as the early 90s, Paul and Chris were designing outstanding digital technologies and experiences for Motorola. Chris was Motorola Europe’s first ever “New Media” designer, using interactive visual story-telling to explain various Motorola technologies and products.

Paul is today one of the most highly sought-after mobile industry strategists, specialising in highly creative, disruptive and “out of the box” thinking. He has worked for many of the world’s top carriers and mobile industry technology companies. He wrote the original “Mobile Apps Bible” for carriers (“Next Generation Wireless Applications“).

As experts in the mobile industry, it is no surprise that some of our best clients are mobile giants, like Telefonica.

AlphaPunk Telcos/Carriers

We understand the challenges that are unique to carriers in their efforts to remain relevant against an onslaught of digital innovation generated by Web ventures. Paul’s latest book – see Connected Services – is a tour of the modern Web trends and paradigms affecting the mobile industry, carriers in particular.

If you are a carrier, or carrier-related business, looking for highly original, disruptive and well-informed digital design expertise, then contact AlphaPunk today.