Mobile Apps Magic


At AlphaPunk we can turn any of your mobile or tablet device ideas or ambitions into solid designs. We can work with your own development team or IT provider, or with our own out-sourcing partners to create and build an entire solution.

AlphaPunk’s founders’ creative legacy in mobile is second to none. Our founders have invented much of the mobile technology that is now commonplace.

Before most of us had yet to send a text message, Paul “Alpha” G had built the world’s first text-messaging app, enabling employees of Lucent Technologies, Dell, Compaq and Credit Suisse to get email notifications on their mobile phones.

When most of us had yet to hear of FourSquare or see a Google Map, Paul was designing location-based services for the world’s first location start-up in Hong Kong. Before Blackberry, Paul had put Microsoft Exchange email on the mobile phone. Directors at IBM, Vodafone and BT asked him “why?” Now they get it!

Back when all of us had yet to see a so-called smartphone, Chris “Punk” G took Paul’s vision for “mobile computing devices” and designed an entire user interface for a concept NTT DoCoMo smartphone before turning some of the ideas into a product for Lucent Technologies and Netscape, called Zingo – the world’s first mobile portal.

And we continue to innovate, working with some of the best start-ups across the globe to bring their mobile applications ambitions to life.

Mobile Apps UI Concepts