And the Geeks Shall Rule the World

The rise of developers as a powerful innovating force is one of the defining attributes of the modern Web era. Developers use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to gain access to existing software functions, such as the camera on a smartphone or the photo store of Flickr. The number of APIs has increased exponentially and is still accelerating. Even some of the world’s oldest companies now have APIs to enable access to their data.

Wherever there’s an API, there’s an interface and a user experience. In this case, the users and audience for the interface are developers.

We Grok Developers

AlphaPunk has expertise is assisting brands and ventures who work with developers. Understanding software, as we do, is one thing, but the actual process of marketing to and dealing with developers through creative assets is a specialised activity requiring unique experience and insights.

We have worked extensively with Telefonica’s global developer program, BlueVia, to completely revamp their digital assets and interfaces. One of our founders, Paul Golding, has helped define and build entire API ecosystems, including the API for O2′s #Blue cloud service.

Contact AlphaPunk to discuss how to design services aimed at developers.

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