BlueVia Design Journey

AlphaPunk recently redesigned Telefonica’s BlueVia website, a developer-community and open API portal. Below is a slideshow journey of the digital and physical design process. You can see the website design at We also made […]

Infographic for Passion Capital

AlphaPunk thrives on working with start-ups, from tiny fledgling companies to “splinter ventures” and “innovation spin-offs” within large companies. We were therefore over the shiny moon to be commissioned by Passion Capital, London and Europe’s […]

Back of a Napkin – iPad drawing app for ideas

Back of a Napkin! No – not the name of a book, although we are fans of Dan Roam… We’re thinking of the metaphor – and real event – of jotting down an idea on […]

Film – BlueVia Labs (filmed at O2 Labs)

AlphaPunk shot an introduction to the BlueVia Labs onsite at the newly refurbished O2 UK offices. This was shot during an internal hack day with special (invited) guests, including a preview of an experimental project […]

Film – BlueVia Developer Economics 2011

Another “fireside” chat video filmed on behalf of Telefonica’s BlueVia developer outreach program. This features an industry expert being interviewed by BlueVia’s Marketing Director. We used the usual 2-camera approach to give visual depth to […]

Making of BlueVia’s Brand Make-over

This video explains how AlphaPunk came up with the creative direction for Telefonica’s BlueVia developer outreach program.  

Animation – BlueVia OAuth Process

Telefonica’s BlueVia needed a straightforward way to explain how the BlueVia OAuth process worked. We adopted an animation approach using easy to understand imagery and icons to demonstrate the process and what it achieves for […]

Animation – What is BlueVia?

This was one of the earliest videos we made for Telefonica’s BlueVia developer outreach program. As with all our videos, we develop the concept and write the scripts. In this example, we used 3D motion […]

Film – BlueVia & Boku

Another “fireside” chat format with a special guest at one of the BlueVia “camps” in central London (i.e. 33 Digital offices). This was shot with a Pansonic 101 using prime lenses to give that cinematic […]

Motion Comic – Low-Fat APIs

The second in a series of motion comics that AlphaPunk conceptualised, scripted and produced for Telefonica’s BlueVia developer outreach program. As with the previous one, this animation featured an actual app and its developer as […]