Passion Capital 2013 Creative Update

We were glad to work yet again with the formidable and wonderful Eileen Burbidge at Passion Capital, London and Europe’s leading early-stage venture fund. Eileen asked us to update their annual infographic and to extend some […]

Animation – Blue Via Payments API and Program

AlphaPunk are excited to still be working with BlueVia developer outreach program of Telefonica, the world’s 3rd largest carrier. Wherever we go, we hear the same story from Telefonica competitors – BlueVia is still the […]

Landing site and animation for the spiffy Voxeo Labs

AlphaPunk recently joined the pressure-cooker that is Voxeo Labs to produce a landing site and animation to showcase their game-changing new platform for creating “Apps in Your Calls.” Our co-founder Paul Golding is considered one […]