Jobs and Co-conspirators

Weez always on the lookout for fresh talent. Our collective model means that we work with the best talent on a project-by-project basis. We mostly work with a tight clan of our closest and best co-conspirators, involving them in great projects and with as little “at the end of an agency chain” grief as possible.

We mostly expect to work and communicate in real-time via Dropbox, Basecamp, Skype and any tool we can lay our hands on to work in real-time. So, if you’re one of those “can’t-see-it-till-I-perfect-it” artistes, then please continue to work alone. If not, then please do make contact. Our current co-conspirator requirements are mostly for animators.

Current Job Openings:

Chief Super Duper (To wear 33 hats, including Sales-person, Marketing-bod and Evangelist.)