Job opening – Chief Super-Duper

AlphaPunk, in the DojoAlphaPunk is an early stage company and probably going to be the world’s best design agency. We even have our own coffee brand (Chris yet to deliver) that is better than the supposedly hip Ritual Roasters. We also keep better music in our playlist.

We’re looking for a super-duper person who can wear 33 hats, which in order of priority would be: sales, marketing, evangelism (“PR”), project management, bidding on ebay for Chris’s BMX bits – and making Paul look even better (high bar there). OK, those last two are optional.

You will help find and win new clients!

Must be social media savvy. Who isn’t? Well, you MUST be, so we’d like to see your Twitter stream for starters. It must have more than 5 friends (Chris is panicking) and not be a spambot.

Must also be on a par with Shakespeare when it comes to writing, as we believe that writing is still a key arrow in the quiver of successful enterprise. Hence, we’d like to see a few pieces that you’ve written – blogs, copy, even novels, if that’s where your imagination takes you. YES! We’re serious. We want you to contribute to the “voice” of the company, so outstanding written and verbal communication is a MUST HAVE.

We are a virtual team, spanning Silicon Valley, London and other locales.  We like to work in real-time. We hang in Skype, basecamp, Goog docs, Dropbox, coffee shops and generally try to avoid doing any work until absolutely necessary. Instead, we like to have fun that somehow ends up with gleeful clients and lots of interesting projects.

AlphaPunk operates as a collective, using various freelance talent or other boutique agencies with complimentary fruit flavours. For this role, we’re looking for a core (full-time) member, hence you get to wear the badge of Chief Super Duper (CSD). We are all chiefs.

We mostly hang in tech circles – our clients are mostly from the technology industry, especially software and mobile. Familiarity is not enough. We need for the CSD to bleed, spit and sh*t technology. If you haven’t worked in or around the tech industry for at least the last 3 years, please do so. It will enthral you to the future!

Salary: Not too shabby. We will work it out together.
Location: UK-based, virtual, at the clients, in the coffee shop and occasionally somewhere fancy.
Work: Super-duper interesting.

Apply below.

Application notes:

1. No arseholes! – See
2. No agencies (see 1)

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