Welcome to AlphaPunk – a fresh business hack

Dear Fellow Disruptor,

Welcome to AlphaPunk.

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The ethos of the company reflects the ying-yang of our technical and creative minds.

“Alpha means to be disruptive with new ideas, daring to be first.”

“Punk means to be disruptive with unorthodox ideas, daring to be different.”

AlphaPunk is dedicated to working with clients who respect these values. Typically, our clients are “start-ups,” either new fledgling companies or skunk-works groups (labs) in established companies – folks trying to re-invent their company and achieve escape velocity from the gravity of mediocrity.

Chris, our founder based in London, has a long and proven track record in creative technology and film making, including many corporate clients like B&Q, O2 and McLaren. He has filmed all over the world, including for the GB Olympics team.

Paul, our advisor based in Silicon Valley, has a long and proven track record in digital product and technology innovation, particularly related to mobile. He is the author of several books and one of the world’s leading experts on mobile technology and apps, with over 20 years experience. He continues to be a leading consultant in this field.

We started our journey back in the early 1990s, at the beginning of the “New Media” age, pioneering the field of rich-media websites and mobile applications.

Along the way, we created one of the first mobile apps companies in the world (1995) before parting company to pursue consulting careers in mobile technology and film. Even then, Paul wrote many of the scripts for Chris’s films.

We often ended up working for many of the same clients (O2, Telefonica, B&Q) and on the same projects. Meanwhile, technology had progressed considerably and many of our earlier product ambitions and design approaches now looked possible. It therefore seemed a natural point to resume our creative collaboration with each other and with spiffy clients.

The intersection of our design and tech minds enables us to propose unique, compelling and vibrant solutions to your digital design and marketing desires. We also blend the patterns, thinking and styles from the West Coast and the London tech and design scenes.

Whether it’s innovation consulting, design, film or venture support, our ideas are guaranteed to be even fresher than our coffee.

We look forward to working with you on the front line of disruption.

We Are AlphaPunk