iPad App UX Design

AlphaPunk has the great honour of working with the energetic Michael Zirngibl, serial entrepreneur and former CEO of, a cloud PBX provider.

Michael’s new Berlin-based venture – – is busy planning to disrupt the “Cloud CRM” space by inventing a tablet app that takes makes CRM contextualised and real-time by merging CRM widgets with telephony.

AlphaPunk designed a number of UX candidate designs for the app. The main effort was in analysing the key task flows and then designing a “scalable” architecture that would enable future “CRM widgets” to be mixed into the flows.


Once we had understood the key mental models and designed the flows accordingly, we proceeded to develop a visual language that would enable the user to remain focussed on the task at hand rather than get distracted by the design.

Chief Alpha Punk, Chris Golding commented about the approach:

When using the app, time really is of the essence, so we needed to ensure that a user could take care of critical tasks during a phone call without missing anything out. This meant designing a “script-like” flow, similar to a “tele-prompter” so that a user could lock-on to a set of tasks almost on “auto-pilot.” are now busy building the app and we look forward to developing other creative stories for the forthcoming product launch.

Michael Zirngibl was only too please with the results:

Alphapunk is the perfect partner for highly ambitious mobile application projects. Their deep expertise in mobile along with their willingness to rethink everything established to create truly unique user experiences is unmatched in the industry.

Note: Paul Golding, mobile-industry veteran, is an advisor to


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