Landing site and animation for the spiffy Voxeo Labs

AlphaPunk recently joined the pressure-cooker that is Voxeo Labs to produce a landing site and animation to showcase their game-changing new platform for creating “Apps in Your Calls.”

Our co-founder Paul Golding is considered one of the “fathers” of mobile apps. He literally wrote “the book” on the subject back in 2004 and show-cased his first ever mobile app in 1998 at the Mobile World Congress in Cannes. In the second edition of the book, he described a class of apps that could be integrated with phone calls, including his famous “taxi hailing” app, which was built by Motorola when Paul ran their “Mashing Room Lab” in 2006/7.

That’s why we are super-excited to be have been selected to provide the design creative for the launch of Ameche, by Voxeo Labs, one of the pioneers of the “programmable voice stack.” Their web-friendly (i.e. developer friendly) platform allows developers to build powerful apps that can be triggered by call events on a subscriber’s existing number (i.e. with O2, AT&T or similar, provided they’re using the Ameche platform).

As Paul explains:

If a call comes into my number and it’s on a network running Ameche, then a developer can build a service to handle that call without me requiring a new number. For example, if I’m a doctor, I might want a voicemail that returns my oldest message first so I can call patients who’ve been waited the longest in the queue, or perhaps according to the estimated urgency of their call (based on case ananlytics). O2 or AT&T don’t provide such a voicemail service, but with Ameche, a developer could build it for me, probably as an extension of a patient-handling system.

The Ameche concept, whilst simple, is also subtle in its introduction of a new class of apps that run in the network. The easiest way to convey the message quickly to the carrier audience is with a video that uses the right visual metaphors to tell the story.

In a record 4 days, AlphaPunk went from script to storyboarded concept, mostly because we understand how to tell technology stories with visual metaphor. We also work with some of the best illustrators and animators in the world, guided by co-founder Chris Golding, who has been producing new media for the tech industry for over 15 years. Within a week, we had turned the animated video around with voice-over auditions, background music selection, the whole shebang!

It helped that we had also provided the design creative for the Ameche landing site, initially focussed on conceptualizing a set of “connected services” icons to iconify the Apps-in-your-Calls concept trademarked by Voxeo Labs. The style set in the icons and the static illustrations provided a visual key for the animation.


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