Product Market Fit

One of our favourite books that inspires thinking and creativity about business models is Osterwalder’s Business Model Generation. Our Chief Alpha Geek, Paul, has used the approach on various projects, from start-ups to new business ventures inside of large companies, like O2 and

When capturing product ideas for an early stage company or project, we like to do all that we can to capture the product-market fit, as centered upon the value proposition hypotheses. A great approach is to use Osterwalder’s value-prop designer.

Whilst it’s great to work in teams and paste sticky notes onto walls, we often want to capture data directly to a doc, especially to collaborate remotely with others.

Therefore we created a template for Osterwalder’s approach, which we’ve shared on Google Docs.

The idea is to complete the column on the left (the user/market hypotheses) and then the middle column (how we think the speculated product addresses the various market hypotheses). As we get into the process of validation (via MVP testing of the hypotheses), the right-hand column documents the fit/misfit for each alleged user problem/outcome.

We hope you have success with this approach. Please let us know about your experiences of using Osterwalder’s value-prop designer.


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