Film – Simpleweb App Case Study (for BlueVia)

BlueVia is the developer outreach program for Telefonica. They managed to attract a number of start-ups to build apps on top of their APIs. AlphaPunk was asked to create video case studies to document their stories. One of these stories belonged to Simpleweb, a web and mobile apps crafting company based in the historic and exciting Bristol, England.

Research suggested that existing or prospective BlueVia community members preferred to hear about BlueVia APIs – warts and all – directly from developers who were using the APIs.

This “grass roots” approach was pioneered by James Parton who had understood that telcos had very little “street cred” and had best remove themselves from the developer conversation. It was a smart move that probably got James noticed by Twilio (who hired James to be their European Marketing Director). James also insisted that developers share their horror stories with the BlueVia APIs, which he felt added to the authentic tone of voice that BlueVia became know for.


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