Bardowl app video by AlphaPunk

Bardowl app iconBardowl’s CEO, Chris Book, had the idea to make an app video:

Hey AlphaPunk, I’m launching my app next week – can you make me an app video for it?

Chief Punk, Chris Golding:

No problem!

Chris Book, like lots of other savvy “appreneurs,” realises the increasing importance of an app video in the app marketing tool bag.

If you have an app, then you need a video because you need more downloads.

There are only two reasons for an app video:

1. Get downloads

2. There is no 2.

Chris was right to think of video.

In a short space of time, an app video gives the visitor everything he or she needs to figure out what your app does and why to download it.

As we had only one week to script, film and edit, we had to think fast. Luckily our Chief Alpha (Paul G) was able to noodle on a script concept the same day. As much as possible, he opted to let the content do the talking…

Take a look:

App videos and video marketing can really drive downloads.

We’ve seen that it’s more tempting and likely for a visitor to click on a video link than it is to download the app. – Paul G

If a user likes what he or she sees, then three things can happen, all of which you want to happen:

  1. The user downloads the app
  2. The user shares the video
  3. The user embeds the video in another site

All of the above are good news for your app.

We’ve seen with apps like Paper by FiftyThree, the use of an app video really propelled the adoption of their app.

It’s interesting to note that FiftyThree is a mixed bunch of tech and video creatives and we wonder to what extent this model will thrive and evolve. AlphaPunk too is a collaboration of tech and creative talent, including video.

Ultimately, branding and marketing involve story-telling, so it pays to have some kind of story-teller on your team.

A good app video should tell a story. What’s yours?

If you have an app to promote, then reach out to the AlphaPunk team.


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