O2 is the UK’s leading mobile brand with a reputation for outstanding customer service, branding excellence, innovation and creativity.

AlphaPunk has made a number of films for O2 Labs, the innovation team responsible for such innovative services as the Hashblue (#Blue) cloud platform for storing text messages in real time. It also exposes a programming interface to developers, enabling them to build their own real-time texting services on top of the platform.

AlphaPunk was first commissioned to make an animated film to explain the concept of “Web platforms,” including a number of innovative ideas for how O2 could turn some of its products into platforms.

When Hashblue was built, AlphaPunk covered the story in a short film that was used to evangelise the benefits of the “lean start-up” approach and other Web-inspired patterns used on the project.

AlphaPunk are proud to have O2 UK as a client.


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