HashBang TV

When UK tech-sters James Parton and Chris Book wanted to produce their own Web-TV show, who did they turn to?

The BBC? No.

More 4? No.

Ashton Kutcher? They wish 😉

No. No. No.

AlphaPunk – the guys with enough love for the spiffy UK tech scene to put up with the droll jokes and endless c-word volleys of the dynamic duo.

AlphaPunk created the “tech TV” branding and supervise the video production, including editing.

Catch the latest episodes at HashBang.tv

P.S. If the video quality looks a little on the cheap side, that’s the fault of those cheapskates who insist that video these days can be shot on iPhones, or something cheaper. Mummy never told them that you get what you pay for.


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