BlueVia is Telefonica’s global developer outreach program and platform.

AlphaPunk is the sole digital creative agency for the entire BlueVia program, winning the bid against many large London-based agencies. Go take a look at some of our work.

The genesis of the relationship was in the creation of some animated sequences to explain the BlueVia proposition, for both developers and users.

After these animations, AlphaPunk became the exclusive film production unit for all BlueVia videos.

To take the brand in a new direction, AlphaPunk proposed a set of motion comics to tell the BlueVia story in a more engaging fashion. The first one – “Show me the money” – got to the heart of the BlueVia proposition, which was its promise to put developers in touch with revenue-generating APIs, which was a world’s first for a carrier.

We followed this up with another motion comic – “Low-fat APIs” – which was a tongue-in-cheek reference to “low-friction” (i.e. easy to use) APIs.

Both the visual style and voice of the motion comics inspired a complete overhaul of the entire BlueVia interfaces, both digital and physical (i.e. merchandise).

We explain this spiffy transition from comics to entire brand make-over in our own “making of…” video.

Check out our slideshow of the BlueVia redesign story.


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