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Our design and video production services used by:

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Some of our work:
  • For Telefonica, we developed a range of creative assets for their BlueVia developer program based on an original motion comic that we created.
  • Twilio use AlphaPunk to produce all of their video case studies in Europe.
  • We created a responsive website and brand makeover for Twenty Ten Capital (Investment Bank).
  • We created a website and animated video to launch Voxeo Lab\'s Ameche platform (Silicon Valley).
  • We created a \"Minecraft-themed\" infographic to tell the GPBullhound story (Investment Bank). We created an avatar for each of the partners. One of the founding partners knows Notch, the Minecraft creator, and likes games :)
  • We rebranded Catchy Agency and created a new website, marketing presentation and other assets. Our knowledge and experience of the developer market helped with the engagement.
  • AlphaPunk was commissioned by O2 and Telefonica to make a series of \"Fireside chat\" videos about the developer ecosystem.
  • We created an infographic to tell the Passion Capital story (VC in London). It was featured on Tech Crunch and many other media outlets.
  • AlphaPunk created a new site for Tropo Inc. (Silicon Valley) including Bootstrap templates for the portal.
  • For we created a tablet UX design for their innovative CRM product.
  • Qudini was part of the Wayra incubator program in London. We created their creative assets.
  • ConnFu was an innovative telephony platform built by O2 (designed by Paul Golding). We created a mobile UX skin for the app running atop of connFu, plus a teaster video to promote the platform.
  • We captured key Telefonica\'s BlueVia analytics and market data in digestible infographic form.

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